Keeping America Safe at Home


Senator Reed knows that terrorism is an ever-constant threat to our nation.  To protect Americans from these dangers, he supported the implementation of the independent 9/11 Commission recommendations, and he convened the Senate’s first hearing on securing our nation's mass transit system after 9/11.  Reed has also supported efforts to secure and strengthen terrorist targets like nuclear and chemical plants.  And as a member of the Appropriations and Armed Services Committees, he remains committed to providing the resources necessary to safeguard our nation's borders, airports, and seaports.

Reed also believes that securing our homeland means more than just defending America against terrorist threats abroad.  It means providing local law enforcement here at home with the tools they need to keep our streets safe, and maintaining a strong, well-equipped National Guard that can rapidly respond to emergencies in Rhode Island and across the country.

Senator Reed also recognizes that real security depends on making our communities safe places to live and work.  In an effort to help police, firefighters, and medical personnel respond to natural disasters and emergencies, Senator Reed voted to invest in interoperable communications equipment so Rhode Island officials can better coordinate resources and help save lives.  Reed has also helped pass legislation to put more police on the streets, offering greater protection and outreach to our communities.


Key Priorities & Accomplishments

  • Since 2011, Senator Reed has helped to secure $35.7 million in anti-terror and disaster preparedness funding to help Rhode Island prevent and respond to terrorist attacks and other emergencies.  These funds are targeted to help Rhode Island government agencies and organizations prepare for, respond to, and recover from regional and national emergencies, disasters, and mass-casualty events.
  • To ensure the U.S. Coast Guard maintains a strong presence in the Ocean State, Reed secured more than $23.5 million to make facilities improvements at Naval Station Newport to provide a permanent home for three Coast Guard cutters and their crews. 
  • Recognizing the central role that cybersecurity plays in both our national security and our economic future, Reed is focused on mitigating cybersecurity breaches that threaten American consumers and companies, financial markets, and our security.  As a member of the Armed Services and Appropriations Committees, Reed works to secure funding for the Department of Defense’s cyber workforce, STEM education programs, and workforce development grants for Rhode Island colleges and universities.
  • Reed delivered eight C 130J Super Hercules airplanes to the Rhode Island Air National Guard.  These planes help the 143rd Airlift Wing transport troops, equipment, and supplies to combat and humanitarian missions.

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