Mr. President, shortly, we will have the honor and privilege, myself and Senator Whitehouse, to join in supporting and confirming the nomination of Justice Rogeriee Thompson , who will be confirmed today to the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Justice Thompson is an eminent member of our Rhode Island courts. She has been an Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Superior Court since 1997. She is a path breaker in many respects in terms of her talent, but also because she is the first woman of African-American descent to serve on the Rhode Island Superior Court. She will be the first African American to serve on the First Circuit Court of Appeals and only the second woman.

She has achieved these remarkable results because of her intellect, her character, her integrity, and her deep commitment to fairness and to justice. She is a remarkable woman. We are pleased and delighted that her nomination has been forwarded to us by the President. He has made a wise choice. Today, we will have the opportunity to consider the nomination and confirm her. She will do a remarkable job on the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Originally, Justice Thompson was born in South Carolina, but she came to Rhode Island to attend Brown University. She earned her J.D. from the Boston University School of Law and began her career as a staff attorney at Rhode Island Legal Services.

So her progression to the First Circuit is one that has carried her a long way. I think it has included, very importantly, a strong commitment not just to the most fortunate in our country, but also to those who desperately need help and assistance.

She will bring that sense of fairness and decency to the First Circuit Court of Appeals. I urge all of my colleagues to support this worthy woman and her nomination.

I yield the floor.