Press Conference to Unveil the Democrats' Comprehensive Real Security ProgramAs Prepared for DeliveryOn September 11, 2001 our nation was attacked. In the wake of those horrific images of planes flying into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, citizens of all political persuasions joined together to support the President in his efforts to bring those responsible to justice.We gave the President the authority to attack the Taliban and end Osama Bin Ladens refuge in Afghanistan. We provided our military with the resources to defeat the enemy, and we gave law enforcement new tools to hunt down the terrorists. We all joined to recognize the very real sacrifices made by the brave men and women in our military, and, we support and salute all those who wear the uniform to keep our ideals and way of life secure.Democrats know that the world is a dangerous place. We know that the very real threats to America have to be answered. We can no longer tolerate an Administration that is long on slogans like stay the course or as the Iraqis stand up, well stand down, but short on strategy. And, the American public is rightly concerned when the President announced last week that, although he got us into Iraq, another President will have to get us out.The time has come for change. We need a national security policy that is tough and smart. Our plan is straight forward. Our plan rebuilds our military by making sure our Army is the right size for these dangerous times and that our troops have the best equipment to do their job. Our plan acknowledges the importance of a strong and robust National Guard both in times of war and disasters here at home. And, our plan honors our troops and their families by providing them with the assistance and benefits theyve earned. Democrats know we need to do more to defeat terrorists and stop the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons. We will keep the focus on Al Qaeda and hunt down Osama Bin Laden, and we recognize Iran for the threat it is and well make it a top priority. Well make it clear to our allies that we want to work with them and to our enemies that were ready to fight for our ideals. Our plan ensures our firefighters and others have the tools and resources they need for homeland security. We will listen to the 9-11 Commission and put real resources and professionalism into securing our ports, nuclear plants and transit systems. We will screen 100% of our nations cargo, and well focus on preventing pandemics and biological terrorism.Our plan reduces our dependency on foreign oil and invests in alternative energy. Under our plan, well achieve energy independence by 2020 through more energy production domestically and increasing efficiency.Lastly, we believe that 2006 should be a year of significant transition in Iraq. The Iraqis need to know that Americas commitment of over a hundred thousand American troops is not unlimited. Iraqs problems can only be truly solved by the Iraqis themselves. We are engaged in a struggle against terrorists that transcends the boundaries of any one country. It is a generational struggle that summons all of our national power, not just our military strength. It is a clash of ideas as well as armed forces. It demands a strategy grounded in a realistic assessment of threats, not ideological presumptions. It demands real and extensive resources and commitment, and thats what our Real Security plan achieves.Thank you.