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  • May 2009

  • ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC ANCHOR: Let's begin with Democratic Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island. The senator serves on the Banking Committee, along with the Appropriations and Armed Services Committees -- so a lot of issues to address today. First,... Read More
  • CARL QUINTANILLA, CNBC ANCHOR: In Washington, Senator Jack Reed proposing some legislation to allow investors to more easily sue credit rating agencies. He's the Democratic senator from Rhode Island, the senior member of the Senate Banking Committee... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, today I introduce the Informed Health Care Decision Making Act of 2009. I am introducing this legislation along with my colleague Senator Mikulski because every American deserves to have the full information regarding drugs... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, I rise to introduce the Rating Accountability and Transparency Enhancement, RATE, Act to strengthen the Securities and Exchange Commission's, SEC's, oversight of credit rating agencies and improve the accountability and... Read More
  • MR. REED: Madam President, I wish to make some remarks with respect to this pending legislation. First, I wish to commend Senator Dodd and Senator Shelby for developing this bipartisan legislation. It will bring more fairness to the credit card... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, today I introduce the Immunization Improvement Act of 2009. The recent outbreak of H1N1 influenza makes this legislation timelier than ever before. While a vaccine has not yet been developed to protect us against this flu... Read More
  • MR. REED: Madam President, there will be an amendment that I propose that will help qualify the status of warrants that are currently held by the Department of Treasury with respect to TARP. It will give the Secretary of the Treasury discretion to... Read More
  • MR. REED: First, let me commend Chairman Dodd for his leadership on this very important legislation that is going to address one of the most significant issues facing America today; that is, restoring the value in our homes, but also giving people... Read More
  • April 2009

  • MR. REED: Mr. President, today I join with my colleagues, my fellow Rhode Islanders, and the Armenian-American community to observe the 94th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Each year, on April 24, it is fitting that we pause to remember and... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, today I am introducing the No Child Left Inside Act of 2009, which will provide new support for environmental education in our Nation's classrooms. I thank Senators Collins, Cardin, Dodd, Durbin, Gillibrand, Kerry,... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, I rise to express my strong support for Christopher R. Hill to be the next Ambassador to Iraq. I have had the privilege of working with Ambassador Hill and I know him. He is a Rhode Islander. He was born in Little Compton,... Read More
  • MSNBC Live
    NORAH O'DONNELL: There is a big news because in a shift today, President Obama left the door open to prosecuting Bush administration officials who designed a legal authority for those torture tactics. The president said today, "The U.S. lost our... Read More
  • JOHN KING, Host: Up next, he's a graduate of West Point, a former Army Ranger and now a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, so how does he think President Obama should respond to North Korea's missile test? Senator Jack Reed of... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, I rise in support of this budget resolution. I particularly commend Senator Conrad for his extraordinary work. Later, at the conclusion of my brief remarks, I will call up an amendment. We have a situation that is... Read More
  • Mr. President, I rise to introduce, along with Senators Bond, Akaka, Boxer, Collins, Durbin, Kerry, Klobuchar, Landrieu, Lautenberg, Lieberman, Schumer, and Whitehouse, the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act, HEARTH... Read More
  • Mr. President, we are dealing with a plethora of issues that are absolutely critical to the economic success of the country. I mentioned climate effects. I mentioned investment in reducing our carbon footprint. All of these have been outlined and... Read More
  • March 2009

  • MR. REED: Mr. President, I rise in strong support of H.R. 1388, the Serve America Act. I particularly commend Senator Mikulski for her leadership on this very important initiative. She has done more than anyone to bring this bill to the floor and it... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, it is a distinct honor for me to rise in support of Dean Elena Kagan and her nomination to be Solicitor General of the United States. As most of my colleagues are aware, she has had an illustrious legal career that includes... Read More
  • PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA (From video): Healthcare now causes a bankruptcy in America every 30 seconds. By the end of the year, it could cause 1.5 million Americans to lose their homes. If we want to create jobs and rebuild our economy and get our... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, I rise in support of the Fiscal Year 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act. Before I begin, I want to commend Chairman Inouye for his leadership in bringing this bill forward. Over the course of this grueling week of debate, he has... Read More