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  • February 2009

  • MSNBC Live
    ANDREA MITCHELL, HOST: Democratic Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, who serves on the Senate Banking Committee and on Armed Services as well, thanks for joining us, a lot to get into today. First of all, let's talk about the stimulus bill. Do you... Read More
  • Thank you, Glenn, for that introduction. I am happy to be here at Brookings to provide my thoughts on the evolving regulatory environment. As we aggressively pursue an economic recovery package in Congress, we are also committed overall to... Read More
  • Mr. President, I rise to express my support for William Lynn to be confirmed as Deputy Secretary of Defense. Bill has a combination of experience and sound judgment. He worked here on Capitol Hill as a significant policy aide to Senator Kennedy on... Read More
  • MR. JOE SCARBOROUGH: Democratic Senator from Rhode Island, an announcement in support of the stimulus bill, Senator Jack Reed. Senator -- MS. MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Hi, senator. MR. SCARBOROUGH: Great to see you this morning. SEN. REED: Nice to be here,... Read More
  • MR. CARLOS QUINTANILLA: The Senate voting to expand the economic stimulus plan, adding a tax credit for homebuyers up to $15,000 and our next guest says, overall, the bill is not a magic bullet for the ailing economy, but it is a critical step in the... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, I rise in support of the bill that is before us, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It is designed to save jobs, create jobs, and restore a sense of confidence and hope to the people of this country. We have seen... Read More
  • MR. REED: Mr. President, today I introduce, along with Senators Dodd, Kerry, Schumer, and Stabenow, the Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit, REMIC, Improvement Act. This legislation could provide one of the keys to solving our national... Read More
  • RAY SUAREZ: Republicans also blocked the Democratic amendment today that would have added $25 billion in highway spending. Still, Senate Democrats say they hope to pass a bill by Friday in order to meet their promise to give the president a bill by... Read More
  • January 2009

  • Madam President, I don't know if we are going back and forth. I know Senator Murkowski is here. I have about 5 or 6 minutes. I rise in support of the legislation before us to renew and improve the Children's Health Insurance Program. I begin by... Read More
  • I want to first thank Joe Dear for inviting me to speak at this event. I am grateful to have this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on the current crisis and what we in Congress can do to help get our country past this difficult economic... Read More
  • MR. QUINTANILLA: The Madoff scandal will be the topic on Capitol Hill this morning when the Senate Banking Committee hears testimony from two key SEC officials. Joining us this morning, first on CNBC with a preview is Senator Jack Reed. He's a member... Read More
  •  Madam President. And I thank Senator Mikulski.    First, let me commend Senator Mikulski for her extraordinary leadership on this legislation, along with Senator Harkin and also Senator Kennedy, who have been a driving force to... Read More
  • Thank you, Madam President. And I thank Senator Mikulski. First, let me commend Senator Mikulski for her extraordinary leadership on this legislation, along with Senator Harkin and also Senator Kennedy, who have been a driving force to ensure this... Read More
  •    Mr. President, I, too, rise to commend and thank the Senator from Colorado for his extraordinary service to the Senate, to the people of Colorado, and to the United States of America. He is a consummate gentleman. He brought to this... Read More
  •    Mr. President, I thank you.    I welcome and commend Senator Kaufman as he succeeds Senator Joe Biden.    I particularly want to say a few words about Joe Biden. He has had an extraordinary career in the... Read More
  •    Mr. President, this evening I have the privilege of joining my friend and colleague from Rhode Island, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, to say a few words about our esteemed predecessor, Senator Claiborne Pell.    Senator Pell... Read More
  • December 2008

  • Mr. REED. Madam President, first let me commend Senator Dodd for his extraordinary leadership and also my colleagues Senators Conrad, Baucus, Gregg, Schumer, Corker, Bennett, and our colleagues in the House, particularly Barney Frank and Spencer... Read More
  • Mr. REED. Mr. President, I rise also to speak about a very important topic, and that is the need to enact legislation to help unemployed Americans amid the current economic downturn. Yesterday, we passed an unprecedented package of support for the... Read More
  • CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Senator Jack Reed is a Rhode Island Democrat. Sir, is Barack Obama the man he said he was, in terms of change we can believe in? Is he going to shift away from the Bush policy, the Bush doctrine, or not? SEN. JACK REED (D),... Read More
  • JUDY WOODRUFF, HOST: The president-elect also reiterated his intent to remove U.S. combat troops from Iraq in 16 months, but said he would meet with Gates and commanders on the ground before deciding how to proceed. For more on todays announcement,... Read More