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Committee Assignments

In the 118th Congress (2023-2024), Senator Reed serves on the following committees:


The Appropriations Committee – the largest and most powerful committee in the Senate – authors legislation to fund the federal government and its operations.  As a senior member of the committee, Senator Reed helps to allocate funding for all federal agencies and programs each year.

In addition to the full committee work, Senator Reed serves on the following Appropriations subcommittees, where he works to direct critical federal funding to the Ocean State to create jobs, strengthen its infrastructure, and support economic and community development initiatives:



The Armed Services Committee oversees the nation’s military structure, overseas operations, and common defense.  As a longstanding member of the committee, Senator Reed works hard to ensure that America’s fighting men and women have the equipment they need and the benefits they deserve.

Senator Reed serves as the Chairman of the full committee, where he helps maintain America’s naval and expeditionary strength, and assures Rhode Island’s critical role in defense and national security.

As the top member on the committee, Senator Reed serves on each of the subcommittees in an Ex Officio capacity:



The Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee oversees the nation’s banking and financial sector, Federal Reserve System, housing and economic policy, insurance markets, and urban development. 

As a senior member of the committee, Senator Reed is a relentless advocate for hardworking, middle class families.  From foreclosure prevention and consumer protection to student loan assistance and Wall Street reform, he continues to fight for working class Rhode Islanders every day. 

In addition to the full committee, Senator Reed also serves on the following Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs subcommittees:



The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence provides crucial oversight of the nation's intelligence networks and reconnaissance programs.  It ensures that our nation has the tools it needs to protect itself, while also affirming that those tools and practices conform with U.S. law and the Constitution. 

As Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Senator Reed is granted membership of the Intelligence Committee in an Ex Officio capacity.  In that role, he couples the intelligence information with his knowledge of military and national defense issues, working to create strong policy to better protect Rhode Island and the nation.  


Previous CongresSEs

Senator Reed has also served on other Senate committees during his tenure.
They include: