WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump disgracefully invited and incited a mob to attack law enforcement and assault our democracy.  He reminded everyone why he is unfit to lead, why I voted to impeach him, and why voters resoundingly rejected him.

“As his presidency ends in disgrace, I have no doubt Donald Trump will continue trying to make false claims, excuses, and spin new conspiracy theories.  He lacks concern for anything but himself.

“The best way to defend our democracy is to ensure a well-informed citizenry and uphold the Constitution and rule of law.  To strengthen our country we must repudiate what Donald Trump attempted, and failed, to do.  If my colleagues on the other side are serious about election reform, I hope they will join us in updating and advancing voting protections for all Americans.  Help us fight voter suppression, improve election transparency, and put an end to partisan gerrymandering that limits voting rights.

“Donald Trump retains the title of President for a few more days, but he has abdicated the responsibilities of the office.

“Those who sought to torch our democracy must be held accountable.

“It’s time for America to get back on its feet, reclaim the moral high ground, move on from divisiveness, and move forward together.  Today, Congress completed the electoral vote count after the Capitol assault, affirming Joe Biden’s victory and demonstrating that we will not be deterred from doing the people’s business and upholding the law.”