Thank you, Senator Inhofe. 

I would like to join you in welcoming our nominees; thank you both for your decades of service to our nation and also to your families who have supported you throughout your careers.

The nominees before us today have impressive records of service to our nation and are well-qualified for the positions to which they have been nominated. 

Admiral Davidson is currently serving as the Commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command and Naval Forces U.S. Northern Command.  Previously he was the commander, U.S. 6th Fleet and the commander, Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO, while simultaneously serving as the deputy commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and U.S. Naval Forces Africa.

General O’Shaughnessy is currently serving as the Commander of Pacific Air Forces and the Air Component Commander for U.S. Pacific Command.  Previously, he was the Deputy Commander of United Nations Command-Korea/U.S. Forces Korea.

I would also like to welcome your families.  Admiral Davidson is joined by his wife, Tracy Davidson, and his daughter, Lara Davidson.

General O’Shaughnessy is joined by his wife, Donna O’Shaughnessy, and his son, Sam O’Shaughnessy.

Admiral Davidson, if confirmed, you will be the combatant commander in a region that poses a myriad of challenges for the Department of Defense.  China presents a host of long-term strategic challenges for the Department – it has created an anti-access, area denial challenge and has demonstrated an unwillingness to play by the rules-based order that has long been established in Asia.  North Korea’s ballistic and missile program development has created a serious crisis on the peninsula and while we are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming summit, the likelihood of success is low.  Additionally, you will be tasked with deepening our alliances and strengthening our partnerships, a crucial element of our larger Indo-Asia Pacific strategy.

General O’Shaughnessy, if confirmed, your responsibilities as NORTHCOM Commander will comprise defending the homeland, including against such threats as cruise and ballistic missiles; providing support to civil authorities in case of natural and manmade disasters; and maintaining close security cooperation with our neighbors.  You will also be dual-hatted as the Commander of NORAD, our binational command with Canada, which has the mission to provide aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning for North America.  I look forward to hearing your views on the issues that will likely come before you in this notable role.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.