WASHINGTON, DC — Today, after President Joe Biden gave a Holocaust remembrance speech in the U.S. Capitol and strongly denounced the rising number of antisemitic incidents, U.S. Senator Jack Reed issued the following statement:

“During Holocaust Days of Remembrance, we honor the six million Jewish men, women and children who were systemically murdered, the survivors and their families, and the heroes who helped Jews flee persecution. We recommit to combatting antisemitism and work toward peace and understanding.

“All Americans, regardless of faith, must condemn antisemitism.  President Biden gave a strong speech today confronting antisemitism and affirming that bigotry and discrimination won’t be tolerated.  The U.S. government does not always agree with the actions of our counterparts in Israel or any other country, but we will always stand up for the Jewish people and Israel’s security.

“President Biden is committed to countering the scourge of antisemitism and so am I.  President Biden is leading the way in speaking out.  Good people should not be silent when they see antisemitism.”