2/12/2019 — 

WASHINGTON, DC – Today the U.S. Senate voted 55-44 to end debate on William Barr’s nomination to serve as U.S. Attorney General, setting up a final confirmation vote later in the week.  U.S. Senator Jack Reed, who voted against cloture, issued the following statement:

“Mr. Barr doesn’t lack experience.  But I remain troubled by aspects of his previous tenure atop the Justice Department, and I believe we need an Attorney General who will put the rule of law ahead of protecting the president.

“Mr. Barr declined to assure the American people that the Mueller investigation would remain independent and that the results will be made public.  Some of his evasive answers left much to be desired. 

“We need an Attorney General who is fully committed to transparency and accountability.  I believe he is the wrong person to lead the U.S. Department of Justice through this challenging moment.

“I don’t question his competence, but I still have serious questions about his expansive views on executive power.  And so my answer is I will vote to oppose his nomination.”