WASHINGTON, DC -- Tonight, after President Joe Biden delivered his first Presidential Address to a Joint Session of Congress, marking the first 100 days of the Biden Administration, U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), who attended the speech in person, issued the following statement:

“This was a historic speech that began with President Biden getting to do what no President has done before in a Joint Session of Congress: recognize Madam Speaker and Madam Vice President.  I took great pride in seeing my former colleagues, Speaker Pelosi and Vice President Harris up there.  And it was very unique to be in the socially distanced chamber, but the President’s message of unity, positive momentum, and optimism resonated.

“President Biden is laser focused on the pandemic, economic recovery, and growth.  He’s boosting injections, reducing infections, and getting America back on track.  Our nation is healthier and wealthier today than it was when he took office.  He’s put more money into people’s pockets and worked with Congress to make smart federal investments in Rhode Island.  We need to keep building on the progress of the last ninety-nine days and carry it forward.

“Taking office amidst a spiraling pandemic and economic tailspin, President Biden has governed responsibly.  There’s been fewer tweets and falsehoods and more stability and sound management.  He’s reengaged globally, reassured our allies, and gotten the federal government working again.

“President Biden’s policies and steady leadership have laid the groundwork for economic recovery and boosted consumer confidence.  But we’ve got to get even more people vaccinated and make forward-looking, cost-effective public investments in education, health care, transportation, technology, and the environment.

“Tonight, President Biden laid out an ambitious agenda and offered a roadmap to lead the country in a better direction.  He called for investments in our future to build a stronger, more sustainable and resilient post-COVID-19 economy.  Investments that will result in good schools and good jobs, quality, affordable housing opportunities, and cleaner air and water.

“He offered a plan to make pre-K universal and make child care affordable to every family.  I will work with my colleagues in Congress to deliver the federal funding to make that possible.  Investing in working families and students produces high returns across the board.

“American workers shouldn’t have to rely on trickle-down economics, but instead should be given the kind of fair shot at opportunity that the Biden plan proposes.”