WASHINGTON, DC - Today, after the U.S. House of Representatives passed an unpaid-for tax giveaway that is projected to cut Medicare and add $2 trillion to the federal deficit, U.S. Senator Jack Reed issued the following statement:

“We need real, pro-growth tax reform that helps the middle-class.  The Trump tax plan fails to deliver for the vast majority of Rhode Island families.  It benefits the most powerful corporate interests and the wealthiest Americans over the middle class.

“The American people recognize that this bill is tilted toward big corporations and the wealthy few.  Even many Republicans admit that a significant portion of taxpayers will see their tax bills rise under this plan, because the modest breaks for the middle class are temporary while the big gifts to the wealthiest are made permanent.

“There is no way this irresponsible tax bill should pass the Senate in this form because it completely fails small businesses and the middle class.  The American people deserve better.  They deserve a bill that actually benefits those who are struggling, not a bill that balloons the deficit and favors the powerful.”