WASHINGTON, DC -- Today, after former Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin, who was recorded forcing his knee on a handcuffed George Floyd’s neck, has been arrested in connection to Floyd’s death, U.S. Senator Jack Reed issued the following statement:

“Everyone who saw a handcuffed George Floyd gasping for his last breath should be incensed.  This killing was horrific and never should have happened.  News of this arrest is a positive step toward accountability, but additional steps are required to build safer, more just communities.  

“Law enforcement is often placed in difficult situations but that’s why training and accountability are so important.  I’m glad that police leaders like Chief Clements have stepped forward to say what happened in Minneapolis was wrong.  The tactic of egregiously kneeling on a handcuffed person’s throat to choke them unconscious is indefensible. 

“To truly serve justice we must combat systemic racism and inequality.  America has real issues it needs to confront with more than slogans or staying in our comfort zones. 

“This is a time for unity, resolve, and action; not violence, inflammatory tweets, and name-calling.

“President Trump should start listening to the voices of activists, law enforcement, and community leaders who all agree that the killing of an unarmed man in handcuffs is outrageous and unacceptable.  He should acknowledge that people are hurting, change is needed, and this type of incident must never happen again.  We as a society can and must do better.”