PROVIDENCE, RI - U.S. Senator Jack Reed issued the following statement today in response to the deadly shooting in Las Vegas:

“All of our hearts go out to the victims and their families.  Law enforcement is still investigating what happened and we’re waiting for more details.  But I think once again this tragic mass-shooting underscores the need to enact more responsible laws with respect to access to automatic weapons.  Too many families have suffered tragic losses as a result of gun deaths and injuries.  Gun violence is a public health burden that demands a national assessment of potential causes and preventative actions by the federal government to address this issue in a fact-driven, comprehensive way.

“I supported the assault weapons ban that unfortunately lapsed during the Bush Administration, and since have supported attempts to revive it.  These are military weapons – some of which I used when I was a paratrooper.  They shouldn’t be as easy to access as they can be today. 

“We need more thorough background checks, and to close loopholes that help bad actors circumvent laws on the books. We can craft commonsense, responsible gun laws without compromising our Constitutional rights. 

“There is still much we do not know about last night’s attack, but it has again undermined our shared sense of security and irreparably harmed hundreds of American families.  Congress cannot continue to refuse to take action on rational and responsible gun control legislation.”