3/24/2017 — 

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senator Jack Reed today issued the following statement in response to the failure of the Trumpcare bill:

“For seven years, Congressional Republicans said Obamacare was wrong and they had a better plan.  For two years, Donald Trump ran for president and claimed he had a better plan.  Today, we learned neither has a plan, nor knows how to compromise and govern.

“Instead of making improvements to Obamacare that would have made prescription drugs less expensive or increased help for lower income and middle income Americans, they chose to put the focus on tax cuts for millionaires.

“There is a better way forward.  Perhaps in the future, President Trump and the Republicans will listen to the American people who want us to focus on affordable health care for all Americans, lower prescription drug prices, and tax cuts for the middle-class, not the wealthiest.”