WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Trump kept U.S. commitments under the Iran nuclear agreement, following the advice of top military, intelligence, and foreign policy advisers, by continuing to waive nuclear-related sanctions on Iran.  However, President Trump also stated that this would be the last such waiver -- which must be issued every 120 days -- he signs, unless the United States’ closest allies and Congress act to radically alter the accord.

After President Trump issued the waiver, U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), the Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released the following statement:

“The Iran nuclear agreement is working as intended to restrict Iran’s nuclear program.  If not for this international agreement, Iran would likely be a nuclear power today and irresponsibly withdrawing from it could accelerate Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and make America less safe.

“Today’s ultimatum is an unforced error by President Trump and a crisis of his own making.  He alone will be responsible for the consequences.

“Unilaterally abandoning the deal would drive a wedge between us and our partners, thereby weakening our ability to address other threats and challenges posed by Iran – namely their abuse of human rights, ballistic missile development efforts, and other destabilizing activities around the region.

“The appropriate course of action going forward is to build upon, not throw out the deal.  We should work aggressively with our international partners to ensure that necessary restrictions afforded by the Iran deal are appropriately extended or supplemented.

“Unfortunately, the President seems intent on disrupting the international consensus that was achieved by the Iran nuclear deal – with the possible consequence of adding an Iranian nuclear crisis to the one we are already facing with North Korea.”