WASHINGTON, DC - Rhode Islanders wishing to attend the impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump may request a ticket through U.S. Senator Jack Reed’s office by submitting their information here.

Senator Reed plans to make all three of the public seat tickets his office receives for each day of the impeachment trial available to Rhode Islanders.

Those seeking tickets must provide their name, current address, phone number, and e mail.

Rhode Islanders selected to receive tickets will be notified and must have a valid ID to pick up and use the tickets, which are non-transferable.  The ticket admits the bearer to the gallery of the United States Senate for the trial of the impeachment of the President Donald J. Trump.

The tickets expire daily.

Members of the public who wish to attend the trial in person may also try to obtain public access Gallery Passes on a first-come, first served, in-person basis.  The U.S. Senate will hold open 30 spots for members of the public with Gallery Passes.  Gallery passes may be obtained through any Senate office, but admission into the visitor’s gallery is not guaranteed and public Gallery Pass holders should expect lengthy and uncertain wait times.  Gallery Pass holders must access the galleries through the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) North Entrance.

During the impeachment trial, access to the U.S. Capitol will be restricted and access to the 596-seat gallery will be more limited than on usual days of legislative business.