WASHINGTON, DC -- In the face of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. Senate resoundingly endorsed the admission of Sweden and Finland into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 

U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was among the U.S. Senators who voted in favor of Sweden and Finland’s applications for NATO membership.

“I voted to add Sweden and Finland to NATO because doing so enhances America’s security and strengthens the alliance’s defense and deterrent,” said Senator Reed.  “Both Finland and Sweden share our democratic values and have professional, well-equipped militaries and defense manufacturing capabilities.  They would bring considerable assets and capabilities to NATO to help deter conflict, keep the peace, and enhance global stability and cooperation.  I am confident Finland and Sweden will be reliable, valuable partners in our shared defense of democracy and freedom.  This is a positive step that makes the United States and NATO alliance stronger and will make NATO more united and secure.”

The NATO alliance is comprised of 30 countries across Europe and North America.  All 30 members of NATO must approve any enlargement of the alliance.  So far, 20 NATO members have voted to ratify the admission of Finland and Sweden.

All proposed enlargements of NATO have been submitted to the U.S. Senate for its advice and consent since the alliance’s founding in 1949.