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July 2011
Welcoming the Guest Chaplain Bishop Wolf
The Layoff Prevention Act
The Strengthening Kids' Interest in Learning and Libraries Act
Reed Statement on National Budget Debate
June 2011
Tribute to Robert E. Durbin
Reed: U.S. Must Prevent Default
Reed Discusses Afghanistan, Libya on Meet the Press
Nominatin of Leon E. Panetta
350th Anniversary of the Settlement of Block Island
Economic Development Revitalization Act
May 2011
Reed: Maintain Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
The Sunscreen Labeling Protection Act
Reed: Repeal Big Oil Tax Breaks
The Family Engagement in Education Act
Nomination of Jack McConnell
Nomination of Jack McConnell
Nomination of Jack McConnell
April 2011
Reed Honors Specialist Dennis "Danny'' Poulin
Reed Calls to Avoid a Government Shutdown
The Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act Reauthorization
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