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December 2013
Reed Speaks on the Need to Renew Unemployment Insurance
Reed Speaks on the Need to Preserve Unemployment Insurance
November 2013
Reed Speaks about 2014 National Defense Authorization Bill
Reed Pays Tribute to Dr. Perry Inhofe
Reed Speaks On the Need to Pass a Budget
October 2013
Reed Speaks about the Government Shutdown
Reed Speaks on Preventing Default Crisis and Government Shutdown
Reed Speaks on Government Shutdown
Reed Speaks on Need to Vote on Continuing Resolution to End Republican Government Shutdown
September 2013
Reed Speaks About Republican Threat to Shutdown Government
July 2013
Reed Opposes Plan to Increase Student Borrowing Costs
Reed Speaks on Student Loans
June 2013
Reed Speaks About Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Reed Speaks on Student Loan Affordability
TRANSCRIPT: Face the Nation
March 2013
Reed, Inhofe, Boxer Speak about Inhofe Amendment to Exempt Farms from EPA Oilspill Regulation
Reed Speaks Against Cruz Amendment to Prohibit Spending on Health Reform
Reed Speaks About Student Loans and College Costs
February 2013
Reed Speaks on Impact of Sequester
TRANSCRIPT: Reed on CNN's State of the Union
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