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Press Releases Table
April 2021
Reed Floor Statement on President Biden’s Decision to Withdraw All Forces from Afghanistan
August 2020
Reed Discusses Education, Reopening Schools, and Keeping Children Safe
Reed Discusses Dire Need for State and Local Assistance in Next COVID Package
July 2020
Ranking Member Reed Discusses Schatz Amendment to NDAA
Ranking Member Reed Discusses Cornyn Amendment to NDAA
Reed Anounces Legislation to Protect Student Loan Borrowers
Reed Discusses the Need for Additional COVID Relief Package
June 2020
Reed Pays Tribute to President Reverend Brian Shanley of Providence College
Reed Pays Tribute to Bryant University President Ronald K. Matchley
Reed Further Discusses the 2021 NDAA on the Senate Floor
Senator Reed Discusses Police Brutality Protests on the Senate Floor
May 2020
Reed Introduces his State and Local Emergency Stabilization Fund Act on the Senate Floor
Reed Introduces New Hardest Hit Fund Legislation
Reed Introduces the Strengthening UI for Coronavirus Impacted Workers and Students Act on the Senate Floor
March 2020
Reed Introduces Layoff Protection Measures on the Senate Floor
February 2020
Reed Discusses Iran Tensions on the Senate Floor
Reed Floor Speech on Why He'll Vote to Convict President Trump
January 2020
Reed Urges Colleagues to Confirm Peter Gaynor as FEMA Administrator
November 2019
Reed Reacts To Trump Administration Pardoning War Criminals
October 2019
Reed Calls for U.S. Senate to Overturn Trump Admin’s Bid to Weaken Protections for People with Pre-Existing Conditions