Thank you, Mr. Chairman.  I would like to join you in welcoming our nominees.  Thank you for your willingness to serve our nation and also to the members of your families who are here today who have supported you throughout your careers.

The nominees before us today each have impressive records of service and expertise and are well-qualified for the positions to which they have been nominated. 

Mr. Norquist has previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Homeland Security where he was instrumental in their financial audit process, among other responsibilities.  Before that, Mr. Norquist served in the DOD’s Comptroller office and as a member of the professional staff of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

Ms. McCusker is currently serving as the Director of Resources and Analysis at CENTCOM Headquarters where she oversees the financial management of the combatant commander’s operational requirements.  Previously, she served as a professional staff member of this committee for Senator John Warner, as a Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for the MRAP program, and as a Deputy Director in DOD’s Comptroller office.

Mr. Daigle is currently working on the staff of the House Armed Services Committee, leading Chairman Thornberry’s team on acquisition policy reform.  He also performed exceptional service leading the staff on the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission and has prior experience in the Pentagon.  He also served as an enlisted soldier earlier in his career.

If confirmed, all three of these nominees will be instrumental in the preparation and execution of DOD’s budget, the completion of an audit of the entire department, and the independent cost analysis of major acquisition programs.  The committee looks forward to hearing your views on these and other complex issues.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.