WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, after it was announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been appointed by Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to oversee the previously-confirmed FBI investigation of Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and possible links or coordination with the campaign of President Donald Trump, U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) issued the following statement:

“This is an important first step toward hopefully ensuring that a fair, thorough, and impartial investigation is allowed to proceed.  

“This should not be a political issue.  Our democracy - and not just one candidate or party - was attacked by a hostile foreign power.  

“A truly independent investigation is the only way to restore the American people's confidence in the integrity of the ongoing inquiry into connections between Russia, the President, and his campaign.

“While this is welcome news, ongoing Congressional oversight will continue, including our bipartisan investigation on the Intelligence Committee.

“The American people deserve to know the truth.”