WASHINGTON, DC – Today, after eleven Senate Republicans announced their intent to object to the Electoral College results on January 6, U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), issued the following statement:

“The foundational durability and integrity of our representative democracy will be tested by this toxic, frivolous attempt to overturn the election.  Those who insist on taking the low road to try and undermine the very foundation of our democracy will not succeed.

“This is just absurd posturing by a handful of Republicans in Congress.  Remember, these delegates have already been certified by the states, including those headed by Republican Governors, Secretaries of State, and Republican legislatures.

“Discussion, debate, and dissent are healthy when rooted in fact and guided by the rule of law.  But this baseless end run to try and overturn the election is an assault on the Constitution and an attempt to disenfranchise more than 84 million Americans simply because some Republicans don’t like the outcome of a free and fair election.

“Donald Trump has lost repeatedly and overwhelmingly before the voters, the courts, the fact-checkers, and even his own Attorney General, who attested that there was no widespread voter fraud.

“America needs principled citizens across society and the political spectrum, who are bound by shared values and committed to upholding the Constitution, to safeguard our representative democracy and stand up for those who freely and fairly cast their votes.

“Some of these Republicans don’t seem upset that Donald Trump lost, but are alarmed by the simple fact that so many Americans were able to freely and fairly cast their ballot.  I commend voters across the political spectrum for showing great courage by turning out in droves and making their voices heard.  Too many Republicans are focused on suppressing votes rather than crafting ideas that might actually appeal to the majority of Americans.

“We can’t stop others from trying to poison the well of democracy, but we can contain the contaminant, and voters can hold polluters accountable in the next election.”