12/09/2014 — 


Mr. Reed. Let me conclude on a slightly different topic; that is, to commend Senator Rockefeller again and Senator Feinstein for their extraordinary leadership today in bringing forward to the American public the Intelligence Committee report on the CIA's interrogation program.

But I particularly want to commend and thank Senator McCain. For many years, Senator McCain has spoken out, and many times alone, against the despicable and heinous actions that have been illustrated today. He has led our efforts. No one has led them more vigorously and more intensely and more successfully than John McCain--to prohibit the use of torture and abusive methods by the United States of America, to remind us that our highest ideals require us to do something else--something better--and also to remind us that what is at stake--very much at stake--are the lives and the health of our soldiers.

We cannot expect others to follow the law if we do not. We cannot expect our forces to be treated according to the conventions and laws that govern civilized society if we depart from them. That is a powerful message. It is no surprise coming from someone whose personal experience, whose personal courage lends incredible credibility, incredible support to these efforts.

To these three colleagues, I extend my thanks.

I yield the floor.